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Shoulder examination tutorial 1:

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  1. Hey Paul,

    I was looking at some of your material as well as your embankment into medicine after being a physiotherapist. I wanted to know what inspired this, how did you get there, what were the challenges? I am going to be applying for physiotherapy and wanted to know how you got into sports medicine physiotherapy? After graduation and working for a while I would also like to study medicine. I would love some guidance and a reply if possible.

    • Hi there,
      I studied a medical degree at St George’s, University of London. There are lots of different routes to take into medicine these days. It’s hard to advise without knowing your exact circumstances.
      Best wishes

      • I want do integrated masters in physio, is there any point, will it aid clinically/academically?
        I then want to go into medicine. I read your statements on the CSP website about overworking and how when you became a doctor you appreciated physio because of time to deal with caseload. Does the university you go to make a difference?

  2. I would it depends on your end goal. Have you done work experience in medicine and physio? That’s the first step because they are quite different careers. You’ll also need work experience to get onto the courses.
    If you want to work as a physio within sports medicine then you will need to study physiotherapy first. You can then study a masters in sports medicine, but you don’t become a medical doctor after this.
    If you want to become a doctor, it’s a medical degree you’ll need then specialise later in sports medicine. Medicine is a fun course but I have to say that the junior doctor years that follow are rather tough. If you are interested in a career research then you’ll ultimately want a PhD (usually after a masters).
    Choice of university will certainly affect your learning but it is post-graduate experience that has the greatest affect on your career direction and the clinician you will become, IMO.
    Good luck!

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